Below are many videos and testimonials of our customers and the amazing body of work they create using our housings.

  • The RED COLLECTIVE: features SPL Splash Housings

  • RED Collective: Patagonia from RED Digital Cinema on www.RED.com/collective.

    spl waterhousings san diego red camera housing splash housing tim davis


    RED is delighted to highlight Patagonia and their talented staff photographer / directory of photography, Tim Davis, in the newest RED Collective segment. Tim Davis produces videos and photographs for Patagonia’s website and catalog. To capture authentic images of the harsh conditions that their clothes and wetsuits have to endure, Tim travels around the world to shoot Patagonia’s Ambassadors (professional athletes) which include such big name surfers as: Gerry Lopez, The Malloy Brothers and Kohl Christensen. Tim is currently shooting on a light-weight SCARLET-X package.

  • Get your own SPL Waterhousing for the RED Camera ONE, SCARLET, or EPIC.

  • Cote’s Cube With Sean LaBrie From SPL Waterhousings

    In celebration of “The Photo Book” Chris Coté takes a tour of the SPL Waterhousing factory and gives you a behind the scenes look at how your favorite surf photos come to fruition.

  • Sean LaBrie from SPL Waterhousings and TransWorld SURF’s Chris Coté

  • Behind the Cover of Transworld Skateboarding April 2013— Dave Chami

    Filmed by Chris Thiessen, Carson Lee, Richard Quintero, and Cameron Holland

  • transworld skateboarding cover april 2013

    Walker Ryan and Senior Photographer Dave Chami explain what went into shooting this partially-submerged switch 360 flip

    Photo appeared on the cover of Transworld Skateboarding April 2013

  • SPL Waterhousings by Sean LaBrie

  • SPL Waterhousings and Dave Nelson capture P-Pass Perfection
  • spl and nelly collaboration

  • Click Here to see SPL and Dave "Nelly" Nelson collaboration as seen on TransWorldSurf.com

  • SPL Waterhousings and Mark Tipple make it happen

  • SPL Waterhousings + Ryan Moss = Some Great Video

  • Does your water housing stand up to lava? CJ Kale pushes the limits with SPL Waterhousings

  • SPL Waterhousings used by Héctor Barrero and Sergio García of Surfin' Goals

  • Swimming in Fiji with Canon 7D in SPL Waterhousing

  • World's Widest Slip n Slide by Devin Graham, his youtube channel DevinSuperTramp

  • Bodysurfing in Fiji with Canon 7D in SPL Waterhousing

  • Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii

  • Scenes from "Brokedown Melody" bodysurfing

  • Ryan Moss uses SPL Waterhousings

  • Customer Testing New Housing

  • SPL Waterhousings at Pipeline on Oahu, Hawaii

  • Pedro Fortes uses SPL Waterhousings at Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

  • Pedro Fortes uses SPL Waterhousings

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